Together for women: let’s talk about it

In the Czech Republic, there is a close link between the difficult social situation and the gendering of violence. Women who are at risk of social exclusion or find themselves in a difficult social situation, are more likely to become victims of violence, whether by partners or strangers. Both of these situations are mutually reinforcing. Women who have a violent partner are more likely to fall into homelessness. At the same time women who are already homeless, living in shelters or hostels are often exposed to violence. Project Together for women: let’s talk about it because it addresses violence against women in the context of poverty.

If we want to talk about violence against women and its prevention, we must not only consider victims / survivors of violence, but also the (potential) attackers. For effective prevention, it is necessary to work with both women and men and highlight the gender stereotypes and other learned behavior patterns that can lead to violence.

In the project we:

– Through creative activities, involve women who have experienced violence and are in difficult social situation in preventing and addressing violence against women. Women who have experienced violence and are in a difficult social situation, will go through a motivating course, which is focused on competence mapping and development of creativity and communication skills (including media). Another activity is the therapeutic theater workshop, which will result in theatrical performances on the theme of violence against women.

– Work with (potential) aggressors to prevent violence. There will be a public awareness raising campaign that will focus primarily on young people and violence prevention (both potential victims and perpetrators) based on breaking gender stereotypes. Special attention will be paid to the youth who are forming their opinions and attitudes, but also to men who have the experience of being violent. The campaign and other educational activities will involve women who have experienced violence and are in difficult social situation.

Besides the activities aimed at the general public, the project will also contribute to strengthening the capacity of non-profit organizations through various trainings.

The project partner is an Icelandic organization Samtok um kvennaathvarf that runs a shelter for women who have experienced partner or family violence, rape or other forms of sexual violence. They are experienced in coordinating support groups and leadership awareness campaigns aimed at women and men. Partner in the project will bring its know-how in all these areas.

The project will also work as an intervention center CSSP (Social Services Centre Prague) that (among other services) provides consulting social services for people who have conflicting relationships with their partners and relatives.

Contact person: Jitka Kolářová, jitka.kolarova(a)

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.